Professional equipment available to hire for use on-site or back line.

Click here for list of available amplifiers, cabinets and combos.

 OnsiteBack line per night
Guitar Heads$15$30
Guitar Cabinet$15$30
Guitar Head + Cab$25$60
Guitar Combo$25$60
Bass Head (Solid State)$15$30
Bass Head (Valve)$25$60
Bass Cabinet$15$30
Bass Head + Cab (Solid State)$25$60
Bass Head + Cab (Valve)$35$90
Bass Combo$25$60
Drum Kit -Pearl Session Studio kit(includes cymbals and all hardware)$30$150
Cymbal Pack$15$60
Snare Drum$7$30
Double Kick Pedal$5$25
Single Kick Pedal$5$20
Individual Cymbal$5$20
Keyboard Amp
Keyboard – Yamaha P-125B (on-site only, includes amp)$20N/A
Electric Guitar or Bass$15$40
Effects Pedal$2$10
Microphone (SM58 + stand and lead)FREE$15

Call us on 02 9550 3988 for any specific requests.