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Whether you’re preparing for a tour or getting the band back together for fun, at Zen Rehearsal Studios you can play what you want, as loud as you like.

Zen offers eight acoustically designed and purpose built rehearsal rooms which offer the ultimate in atmosphere, equipment and value. The entire facility has flat load access with conveniently located
trolleys, long and short term equipment storage, a cafe grade coffee machine with free tea and coffee, and a selection of food, drinks and snacks to keep you going.

Within each room you will find:

  • Powerful split-system air conditioners.
  • 3000 watts worth of vocal PA per rehearsal room.
  • Soundcraft mixing desk with 8 microphone inputs.
  • Custom designed and built ‘DARCY 500’ stand-mounted PA speakers (2×15” LF driver & 2” Long throw HF driver).
  • White, blue and multiple coloured par can lighting options.
  • Custom designed acoustic treatment in the form of tuned Helmholtz resonators and absorption.
  • Easy to use in room recording system.
  • A bar fridge to keep you drinks cold
  • Shure SM58 vocal microphones are available at no extra cost.

To aid your rehearsal, Zen has an abundance of equipment for hire including 1970’s silver-faced Fender Twins, Marshall amplifiers galore, dozens of drum kits including Pearl Session & Master kits, Ludwig, Ampeg, Gallien Kruger, Trace Elliot bass rigs… and more snares than you can poke a stick at!

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