$60 per hour including engineer.

The studio is set up so that bands can track live, with the drummer in a separate booth for increased isolation. The booth can also be used in any scenario where an instrument/vocals needs to be isolated from other instruments. There are 16 mic lines in the drum room and 16 in the main room. There is also a smaller isolation booth if required.

There is a large selection of microphones from AKG, Shure, Neumann, Rode, Audio Technica, EV, Warm Audio and Sennheiser. Headphones are Sennheiser HD280.

The control room’s dimensions are such that standing waves build up evenly, to minimise lumps and dips at certain frequencies. The room is acoustically treated with broad-band absorbers and bass trapping. There is excellent isolation between the control room and recording rooms.

Monitors are Adam A7X. Mic preamps are Focusrite and Universal Audio and ART. There are 5 channels of outboard compression from Universal Audio, DBX, and Behringer.

Recording and mixing is done in ProTools with a range of third party plugins, including Slate Digital and Waves Platinum.