Live Film Clips

Getting the band back together?

Lining up gigs for your world tour (or local pub)?

Get noticed with professional quality audio and video for your next demo or online promo. 

Packages start at $400

Includes 2 hours for setup, sound check.

Live audio and video mix on the day.

1 hour recording time to use however you prefer.

e.g. – Play a full set live , or do a few songs a few times each to get the takes that you like.


AV Basic Package

The basic package is $400 for which gives you a copy of the live video mix (1080p h.264 mp4) with the two channel live audio mix. 

Up to 1 hour of camera time. 

AV Stems Package

The  A/V Stems package includes :

The live video and audio mix as an mp4 file.

Individual audio files for every mixer input as 32 bit 48KHz .WAV (Up to 32 channels).

Up to 1 hour of camera time


AV Stems & Video Package

The same as above with:

Raw video footage from up to three cameras. 

2 x Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6k Cameras.

We usually shoot in Apple ProRes for best compatibility for external editing. 

1 x Go Pro Hero Black usually pointing at the drummer. 

Up to 1 hour of camera time


The procedure on the day

2 hours for setup and sound check.

It usually takes around an hour for everyone to load in, set up instruments, amplifiers, drums, and then mic everything for recording. 

Sound check, camera and lighting adjustment and A/V sync will usually take around 30-40 mins leaving time for a short break plus a buffer for unforeseen technical gremlins, or an emergency re-string or re-skin etc.

Up to 1 hour of camera time


Make sure to bring a USB hard drive to copy the files onto.
10GB free space for basic package.
30GB free space for AV Stems package
Min 150GB free space for AV Stems + Video (will depend on chosen resolution and video codec)

32GB USB thumb drive 100MB/s – $25