Zen presents

Room 5 “Full Gear”

Room 5 is one of our classic rooms located downstairs at Zen and can take up to around 5 people. It is 5.9 meters by 4.1 meters.
Room 5 features the usual Zen PA, acoustic treatment on all surfaces, a floating floor, digital recording facilities and now a full array of band equipment. Room 5 is for people who want all the gear but need a big PA.

Room 5 features:

1 x Marshall JCM900 guitar head
1 x Marshall JCM800 guitar head
2 x Marshall 1960A cabinets
1 x Fender Twin Reverb combo (The Twin)
1 x Ampeg, SVT3 Pro bass head
1 x 8 x 10 Bass cab
1 x Pearl Masters Custom Maple drum kit, (cymbals not included)

Phone us for more details. 02 9550 3988