Zen presents

The Bronx Room

The Bronx room was designed for bands with 6 people or more. It’s a whopping  9 meters by 3.6 meters and has an inclined ceiling that reaches 3.6 meters high.  

The Bronx is fully geared up for when you can’t bring your own gear, or just don’t want the hassle of setting up and packing down. Professional equipment setup and ready for you to plug in and rock.

The Bronx Room features:

11 x Marshall JCM900 guitar head
1 x Marshall JCM800 guitar head
2 x Marshall 1960A cabinets

1 x 1970s Fender Twin Reverb combo 

1 x Ampeg SVT4 Pro bass head
1 x 8×10″ Bass cab
1 x Pearl Session Studio drum kit  

(cymbals not included*)
The Bronx room boasts 8000 watts of amplification. That’s twice what we have in any other room at Zen. The PA feeds four of Zen’s custom built speakers. They’re all wall mounted ensuring that we don’t waste precious floor space.  We’ve set the PA up in stereo so that you can split the signal and potentially send one signal to the backup singers in the southern end of the room and another signal to the horn section who could be as much as 8 meters away. It is fully air conditioned 

The Bronx Room

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