Zen Studios no longer is running a music academy, if you are looking for Drum lesson please contact Anthony Cianci.


Teaching Philosophy

You know what you want and aren’t afraid to go for it, you like music to be able to convey emotions. Balance is important, you work hard but it doesn’t consume all your energy. You’re spiritual and aren’t fully caught up in the quest for material gain. You want guidance but don’t need it. You know by investing in your musicianship it will be more worthwhile than not. You enjoy structure but also appreciate spontaneity. You’re okay with taking it easy but also respond well to a challenge, it’s this balance and contrast that portrays your character. You like to feel at ease with people who have earned your trust. You want a teacher who understands you, who you don’t need to tell what you want, someone who just knows. A teacher who can guide you along your musical journey, help you make decisions and be available to offer support when you need it. You don’t expect to find it straight away but you’ll know when you do.

Anthony Cianci performs professional gigs regularly and is a qualified Music teacher at TAFE NSW.

E: info@anthonyciancimusic.com

W: www.anthonyciancimusic.com

A testimonial from one of your satisfied customers:
Hi Alan, I wanted to express our gratitude for the wonderful lessons that Ky experienced last night. Bec (piano), Cam (singing) and Ash (song-writing) were each brilliant teachers who drew on a wealth of experience but always made it about Ky and what suited him and our goals. Ky has already written his first song, less than 24 hours later, and look forward to getting some expert opinions and advice next week. Thanks so much – we loved your venue and look forward to many more great experiences.