Zen has four purpose built solo practice rooms for the budding musician who lives in an apartment and needs space to rehearse at full volume.

Three of our rooms are equip with drum kits. All our rooms are fully air conditioned.

Every room has internet access so you can download and listen/play along to your favourite tunes.

Each room features a 400 watt powered wedge and a small mixing desk allowing you to play your iPhone at dangerous levels whilst you play along.

Our guitar room features some small combo amps and we have larger “I want to go deaf today” rigs available at no extra cost.

And the price for everything? $20 for the first hour and $10 for every additional hour.

We want you to be able to walk in and “practice your chops” or master your searing guitar solo, slam. $30 on the counter and call it done.

It’s best to book. Stay for as long or as short as you want.

Be advised “solo” means solo. There must be no other carbon based life forms in the room with you. Not one. C3PO and R2D2 are good but bring your partner, singer or bass player and the price goes to $33/hr.

If you’ve got an up and coming gig and your neighbours have called The Police, your Strata Board and the mental health wing of your local hospital it might be time to call Zen. We have no neighbours.

  • Solo Drum Room1
  • Solo Drum Room2
  • Solo Drum Room3