Private vocal lessons begin with a full hour voice diagnostic/evaluation. After this hour you’ll have all the information you’ll need to decide your vocal ability.

Ongoing private vocal coaching consist of 30 minute & 60 minute appointments integrating the technique into songs.

Each week, singing at Zen academy will make a workout of your lesson designed specifically for you to improve vocal quality, stamina and flexibility.

You’ll learn all the essentials: breathing, relaxation, support, projection, placement, resonance, dictation, how to properly warm up, how to increase your vocal range, how to strengthen your voice and general taking care of your instrument.


Beginner Vocal lessons are designed to build the fundamentals required for great singing. The lesson is easy enough for most true beginners to practice, but is also a great workout for more advanced singers. Whether you need a place to start or a way to refresh your fundamentals, the Beginner lessons will provide a way for you to hone your core vocal technique.


Intermediate Vocal lessons are designed to expand vocal horizons. Many beginners will be able to succeed at this level while many advanced singers may be surprised at its difficulty. Working on the Intermediate Vocal lessons will solidify a broad range of vocal skills that singers of all levels struggle with. Intermediate Vocal lessons helps to expose vocal issues and solve those issues through appropriate vocal exercises.


Advanced Vocal lessons are for experienced singers seeking to address the fine details of their craft. The exercises in this level will help singers to put the finishing touches on their vocal technique. While this section is certainly not for beginners, most experienced singers will be pleased with the chance to explore topics that often get overlooked in voice lessons and greatly expand their singing potential.


Master Vocal lessons are one of the most difficult vocal challenges you may ever find. The difficulty level will make even elite singers realize that there is more to learn and gives them the chance to learn it. While this part of the lessons isn’t for everyone, all singers will find something to aspire to and work towards. Only attempt these lessons unless you are confident with your vocal abilities and looking for a serious challenge. And also… ENJOY!