Zen Rehearsal & Recording Studios Sydney

Whether you have the desire to learn guitar or learn to sing, rehearse with some mates, or lay down some tracks in our recording studio, here at Zen we have everything accomplished and aspiring musicians need to make it. 8 rehearsal rooms fitted out with gutsy PA’s and digital recording, a state of the art recording studio, back-line and PA hire gear, equipment storage, CD mastering and duplication plus an academy that can teach you anything from the basics of guitar playing to the latest in live and studio audio production techniques.

Zen Studios presents the Instant Fame 2000, the IF2000. It allows you to make a film clip by pushing a single button (almost). Featuring a 42 inch monitor, 8 channel Soundcraft mixing desk (the same ones we use on our PAs so they’re easy to operate) and a powerful PC with a single high definition Web Cam.

The next time the you write a three chord classic that will stop the world in it’s tracks you can knock out a clip of your latest creation and the staff at Zen will edit it and have it on Facebook and Instagram in no time.

The audio is fed via two PZM microphones. They’re omni-directional so you don’t need to point them at anything. To ensure that you sound as good as you look we’ve run an extra feed from the Vocal PA mixing desk ensuring you get heaps of vocals. We’ve placed our first IF2000 machine in room 5.
It’s still being tweaked.

Here’s a look at the future combination of rock and social media.